So Much 2 Learn Home School 
                    A great education without all the stress.

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​I'm accepting students in 5th grade up through 12th grade.
I am a certified teacher, in Georgia, with twenty-five years of experience.
I work full-time as a homeschool teacher because it allows me
to give my students the best education possible, with the least 
amount of stress for me, the students and their parents.

I charge either $100 per week or $125 per week for 
homeschooling. The fee depends on what level they are on in math.

Students need to bring a WiFi ready laptop, charger, headphones and 
their lunch (iPads are not a good substitute). We follow the Atlanta
Public School calendar. 

I accept well-behaved, respectful students that want to learn.
Well behaved, in this context means, that they will make every 
effort to get along with the other kids and me, and they will do 
what I ask, the first time, without any arguments. Want to learn means,
in this context, that they are invested in their own education, want to
do well in school and are willing to put effort
into getting the best education possible.

The students homeschool from 9:00 - 1:30. 
They are to be picked up by 2:00. 
I'm located in downtown Decatur.
There is someone that you can hire to drive your kid home.

I do not give the CRCT, the state does not require it from homeschoolers.
I formally assess their work three times a year.
I informally assess their work every day. 

Homeschooling is a completely different kind of learning environment. 
It lends itself to a great deal of one-to-one time with the teacher, much 
less stress, a lot of support, and a completely different approach to 
education. The schools put the standards and standardised tests first.
Homeschoolers put our kids first. We work to make everyday a 
productive and happy day, for our children. If you give a kid a really good
education, then you don't have to worry about how they will do on a test. 
There is no comparison. I've taught in private schools, public schools and now
I'm homeschooling and this is the best teaching I've ever done. The "school" is
out of the way and I can focus on teaching. I want my kids to be 
happy and well educated and well rounded. 
That's what really matters to me.

Thank you for your time.