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A great education without all the stress.

I've just started offering classes to teach people how to homeschool.  You can choose to use the Montessori method or not.  Contact me if you are interested.  These classes will be on the weekend and they will be affordable.

I am a certified teacher, in Georgia, with over thirty years of experience. 
I'm also a certified Montessori teacher and a certified ESOL teacher.
I work as a homeschool teacher because it allows me
to give my students the best education possible, with the least 
amount of stress for everyone involved.  
I also work as an educational consultant,
and a tutor.

Students need to bring a WiFi ready laptop, charger, headphones and 
 lunch. IPads are not a good substitute. We follow the usual
public school calendar.  

I teach the following subjects:
children's literature, reading comprehension,
writing, famous authors, spelling, vocabulary, cursive,
keyboarding, punctuation, grammar, standard English, 
history, art appreciation, music appreciation, 
science, famous scientists, mythology,
math, world religions, introduction to philosophy and geography.
I am a secular, eclectic, homeschool teacher.

I accept well-behaved, respectful students that want to learn.
Well behaved means that they will make every 
effort to get along with everyone and do 
what I ask.
Want to learn means that they care about their own education, 
want to do well in school.

I can help children with certain learning disabilities.
I do not take students with behavior problems.

The students homeschool from 9:00 - 1:30. 
They are to be picked up by 2:00. 
I'm located in downtown Decatur, Georgia, 30030.

I formally assess their work three times a year.
I informally assess their work every day. 

Homeschooling is a completely different kind of learning environment. 
It lends itself to a great deal of one-to-one time with the teacher, much 
less stress, a lot of support, and a completely different approach to learning. 
productive and happy day for the kids.  I love children and I want them 
to enjoy school.

If you are interested, please write to me. Then we will talk on the phone.
Next, I meet with you and your child. I only take kids that I know I can