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​A great education without all the stress.

I am a certified teacher, in Georgia, with twenty-five years of experience. 
I'm also a certified Montessori teacher and a certified ESOL teacher.
I work full-time as a homeschool teacher because it allows me
to give my students the best education possible, with the least 
amount of stress for everyone involved.

I charge either $100 per week or $125 per week for 
homeschooling. The fee depends on what level they are on in math.

Students need to bring a WiFi ready laptop, charger, headphones and 
 lunch. IPads are not a good substitute. We follow the usual
public school calendar.  

I teach the following subjects:
children's literature, reading comprehension,
writing, famous authors, spelling, vocabulary, cursive,
keyboarding, punctuation, grammar, standard English, 
history, art appreciation, music appreciation, 
science, famous scientists, mythology,
math, world religions, introduction to philosophy and geography.
I am a secular, eclectic, homeschool teacher.

I accept well-behaved, respectful students that want to learn.
Well behaved means that they will make every 
effort to get along with everyone and do 
what I ask.
Want to learn means that they care about their own education, 
want to do well in school.

I can help children with certain learning disabilities.
I do not take students with behavior problems.

The students homeschool from 9:00 - 1:30. 
They are to be picked up by 2:00. 
I'm located in downtown Decatur, Georgia, 30030.

I formally assess their work three times a year.
I informally assess their work every day. 

Homeschooling is a completely different kind of learning environment. 
It lends itself to a great deal of one-to-one time with the teacher, much 
less stress, a lot of support, and a completely different approach to learning. 
productive and happy day for the kids.  I love children and I want them 
to enjoy school.

If you are interested, please write to me. Then we will talk on the phone.
Next, I meet with you and your child. I only take kids that I know I can